I don’t know about you and where in the world you live but over the last year Unicorns look as though they are taking over the world well in our house they certainly have made their presence known!

Our youngest daughter Rebecca is obsessed with them and that is where my inspiration came from to make some unicorn crafts.

I’ve been thinking of adding lights to the frame to give it a lovely warm glow. It will make a really pretty addition to any little unicorn fan’s bedroom.


Baby Shower Cakes

Over the last few years baby shower party’s have started to pop up in the UK. I know they have been a thing in other parts of the world especially in the US but to us over here they are relatively new.

Last year I organised a baby shower for my sister and that is when my creative juices began to flow and decided to make my first ever nappy/diaper cake.

My first attempt was very impressive and made a beautiful decoration at the party. Sadly though when my little nephew came along the following month it had to be demolished and the 175 nappies that I used to create this display were needed for something not very pleasing to the eye or the nose for that matter.

This week I made another two which I brought to a craft fair with me last night and they were very popular and has lead to a few orders for Rehanna Crafts.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any baby shower or nappy/diaper tales to share I’d love to hear them.


Family Tree

Family Trees are my favourite frames to make as no two family trees are the same. All families are different to each other they are unique and I like to think that of all the items we make at Rehanna Crafts.

Have a browse through and if you anything catches your eye let me know.

Fionnuala xx

Rehanna Crafts

Hello and welcome and to my page Rehanna Crafts.

rehanna crafts logo

Rehanna Crafts is a family run business based in Northern Ireland.  We make personalised gifts for all occasions birthdays, births, engagements, weddings, baby shower, christenings, mother’s day and father’s day to name but a few.

Over the new few blogs I will be showcasing the items we produce and if you would like to order anything then please get in touch via the Contact menu let me know where in the world you are and we can sort out the postage costs.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our products and I would love to hear any feedback you have.

Thanks for stopping by.