Family Tree

Family Trees are my favourite frames to make as no two family trees are the same. All families are different to each other they are unique and I like to think that of all the items we make at Rehanna Crafts.

Have a browse through and if you anything catches your eye let me know.

Fionnuala xx


6 thoughts on “Family Tree”

  1. These look amazing :):) So creative too. If there’s an addition to the family could someone order another heart, and add it to the tree? Also at the bottom where it reads “Family, and grandchildren”, could you also make the family name? So it would read,”Smith Family” etc.

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    1. Yes I actually had a woman come up to me at a craft fair on Thursday night she has one and wants some changes to it as her daughter got married. You can have whatever you want on them I’m currently working on one for my own house will post it when it’s finished 😊

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