Baby Shower Cakes

Over the last few years baby shower party’s have started to pop up in the UK. I know they have been a thing in other parts of the world especially in the US but to us over here they are relatively new.

Last year I organised a baby shower for my sister and that is when my creative juices began to flow and decided to make my first ever nappy/diaper cake.

My first attempt was very impressive and made a beautiful decoration at the party. Sadly though when my little nephew came along the following month it had to be demolished and the 175 nappies that I used to create this display were needed for something not very pleasing to the eye or the nose for that matter.

This week I made another two which I brought to a craft fair with me last night and they were very popular and has lead to a few orders for Rehanna Crafts.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any baby shower or nappy/diaper tales to share I’d love to hear them.



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